A Season of Abundance

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This month heralds the advent of the vernal equinox and the season of spring. New life arises from winter’s gestation to root, flower and flourish in the coming weeks, among the most enchanting of the year.

In mythology, spring represents new relationships. Commercial, platonic, romantic… with partners’ familiar or thrilling new prospects, the desire to merge is driven by a primordial energy which births all of creation.  Witness as your nature now pines for love and prosperity in the days of wine and roses.

Remember, we do not get what we want, but what we are. If love and prosperity be your aim, you must own them beforehand. Trite and hackneyed tho it seems, it’s an immutable (if inscrutable) reality.

Sages have ever intoned that personal gain is a reflection of what we give, and we cannot get what we do not already own. Be grateful for everything in your world, they say, and the world must answer you with even more to be grateful for. Here’s an exercise to help you:

More than the roof over your head, give thanks for the trees that gave their all for your shelter; the factory that milled those trees into lumber; the intrepid visionaries who built the factories; the mothers who raised the visionaries, and the guiding principles for which those mothers sacrificed. Be grateful for the tradesmen who conceived, designed and erected your edifice; the toolmakers who provided them with the means to do so; the brave miners who excavated the minerals to make the tools; the elements in the Earth that formed the minerals; et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum.

In this way deconstruct your car, your clothing, your sustenance and your pastimes; your talents, your body, your mind and sensibilities; include your gadgets, arts and entertainments, and forget not the people who sustained you through the gales and the galas of the journey. Then rise beyond material means and bond with the font of all your bounty: Unconditional love, and immortal beloved.

In this you are already a gazillion-aire. Limitless in what you are, ever and always wealthy beyond your wildest dreams of avarice.

So goes the philosophy. Yet philosophy is temporal and flaccid without its true complement: The ability to take action. Are you up for the challenge?

Join us for the Eckhart Tolle Discussion Group this Sunday at NVC where we’ll snatch the topic of Abundance from the philosophical ether and conclude how to make it happen in the here and now, to make the coming season the most rewarding of your life. Hope to see you there.

Believe that you receive –



About the Author:
Peter Winlsow is a life coach based in Scottsdale Arizona, serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Peoria and all surrounding metro-Phoenix cities. Read more about him at www.peterwinslow.com.