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  • The Power of “Aha”!

    Recently, I was counseling a client who has been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. The discussion came to standstill as she experienced a life-altering epiphany, or what some call an “aha!” moment. We were discussing how ridding the body of stress can reduce chronic pain and muscle spasms. She understood the principle but hadn’t quite grasped […]

  • The Healing Within You

    Recently I was asked by a reader to discuss the science of healing. It’s a pretty hefty request, so let’s boil it down to basics: The first thing to note is that healing is not a scientific domain. It may surprise you to know that the concept of “healing” is rarely discussed in medical schools. […]

  • Why We Need Purpose – Part 2

    Do you have a life purpose? Yes you do. We all do. Wisdom teachers throughout the whole of human history have written that we wouldn’t be here if the fact were otherwise. Then how can we be sure of what our purpose is? Well… Some people know their purpose and never have to seek it. […]

  • Why We Need Purpose – Part 1

    They are questions as old as humankind: Who am I, and why am I here? I receive lots of questions like this from people seeking a better life. There is something inside them, something deep and profound that won’t allow them rest or salvation until they discover what it urges them to find. That’s when […]

  • Goals Setting: See Yourself 5 Years from Now

    Where will you be in Five Years? My friend Scott affectionately calls his GPS navigational system “Suzie.” It’s a voice-activated gadget which operates kind of like a genie in a bottle. He tells it where he wants to go, and it tells him exactly how to get there. If only life were this easy. In […]

  • Your Thoughts Determine the Quality of Your Life

    All great thinkers know that what you put attention to determines the quality of your life. In fact, our dominant thoughts get planted into our subconscious minds, ultimately becoming the default programming that shapes our expectations and experiences. Fixing your attention on positive thoughts calls upon life to support you. Choosing authentic expressions for your […]

  • Right On!

    Hello – It’s the last day of June and we are officially halfway through this calendar year. For those of you who remember, what were your New Year’s resolutions? And the real question: Have you accomplished what you set out to? Lots of people go about making resolutions at the beginning of every year. For […]

  • The Law of Emergence Part Three

    For the last while our discussion group has engaged in the Law of Emergence, which comes to us from New Thought leader and Science of Mind practitioner Derek Rydall. In the Law of Emergence, Derek has hit upon a very intuitive philosophy and practice for manifesting the fullest experience of life and living. Rather than […]

  • The Son Also Rises

    This Friday, the full moon will rise at eventide. It’s the prime harbinger of Easter, known as Eostre for many centuries before Christianity made the scene. Ever has this moon portended a return to splendor and abundance after the long, cold dark of winter. Since ancient times, believers have anticipated that with this moon comes new life, new hope, and an allegory […]

  • A Season of Abundance

    This month heralds the advent of the vernal equinox and the season of spring. New life arises from winter’s gestation to root, flower and flourish in the coming weeks, among the most enchanting of the year. In mythology, spring represents new relationships. Commercial, platonic, romantic… with partners’ familiar or thrilling new prospects, the desire to […]

  • The Nights Before Christmas

    Hello – Out of doors at dusk of late, we witness a thrilling phenomenon: Two evening stars, diametrically opposed in the sky at points east and west, as twilight falls on the eve of winter. You’ll remember that evening stars are not stars, but planets looming large in the fading sunset and shining out the […]

  • Eleventy-One Times Two

    Hello again – When seasons change and the sun sets further southward, I naturally think of revolution. Because the Earth rotates on its axis and revolves round the sun, we experience the variety of seasons. Further, observing the natural revolutions of our celestial home, we witness a subtle example of a powerful hermetic law which […]

  • What Would I Do If I Weren’t Afraid?

    Living Without Fear It is said that integrity is gauged by what one does when no one is watching. But its not really like no one is watching… your inner self quietly observes what you’re doing at every moment. The world of form, realm of duality, is replete with choices, consequences, unlimited potentiality – all subject to the essence of your freewill. Where to find balance, […]