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  • The Keys to Healing

    You’ve probably heard the expression “Knowledge is power.” It sounds impressive, but the fact is that knowledge without purpose is useless. Making your knowledge work for you is the key. If you want to improve your health and feel better, you’ve got to supplement what you know with appropriate action. If you have trouble doing […]

  • The Link Between Emotional and Physical Health

    Studies now prove that your emotions are inextricably linked to your physical well-being. Think of how your blood pressure rises significantly when you feel anxious or threatened. High blood pressure has become a major problem for many people, and it’s a pretty clear example of what is called the mind-body connection. When emotional health is unbalanced, it consumes […]

  • Spiritual Practice

    A spiritual practice, spiritual discipline or spiritual exercise includes any activity that one associates with the cultivation of spirituality. Spiritual practice can refer to the seeking of an ultimate reality or to a transcendent dimension of the self, an inner journey that leads to the essence of one’s being. Spiritual practices like meditation, contemplation and […]

  • Integrative Medicine is the Wave of the Future

    The medical field is rapidly transforming. It’s now more accepting of a more integrative approach to healthcare. Foundations, colleges and universities, research institutions, and the federal government are creating initiatives to explore, research and develop a new patient-driven approach to care. Integrative medicine recognizes the importance of modern scientific treatment as well as the state of an individual’s mind […]

  • Quantum Physics and Life

    For the better part of three centuries, Newtonian principles have dominated the worlds of science and academia. These principles and discoveries led to the discipline we call physics, and since the time of Newton himself, the physical sciences have been regarded as completely proven and verifiable. In physics, the science of mechanics is divided into […]

  • Rebuilding Your Body and Brain

    Did you know that the body you lived in yesterday is different than the one you’re in today?  In a process called cellular mitosis the cells in your body birth new cells repeatedly and die off naturally throughout your lifetime. In fact, in a few years you’ll have a completely rebuilt body altogether.  Some cells […]

  • The Placebo Effect

    Research studies published in medical journals report that there are anti-depressant medications on the market that register no measurable results in clinical trials.  The assertion has been made that a “placebo effect” may be responsible for the benefits that the retail users of those medications report to their doctors.  You probably know that a placebo […]

  • What You Think Makes A Difference

    Have you heard that the quality of your thought equals the quality of your life? Well then, the time has come to understand exactly what it means for you and your future. If you have a chronic illness, such as Ankylosing Spondylitis (which is what I had for 10 years) or other autoimmune disease, the […]

  • Inner Intelligence

    In his book The Secret of the Ages, Robert Collier asserts that the mind is master and commander of the body because a subconscious “inner intelligence” directs and controls every function in the body. For example, it knows how much sodium and potassium you need to balance the regulation of the sodium ion pump, a […]

  • Is Your Liver Conscious?

    Medical science thinks of the human body as a machine. Anatomists and physiologists have mapped out the structures and functions of nearly all of it; we’ve got a great working knowledge of what everything is and how it should operate. Doctors know that to fix a problem they can troubleshoot for data, and repair or […]

  • The Magnificence of Modern Science

    In my last post, I talked about the philosophy and teachings of the Greek physician Hippocrates, the man considered to be the father of Western healing. Hippocrates advocated nature’s ability to heal illness and restore proper health to an individual. Across the world, eastern cultures also believed there is a natural healing source flowing within […]

  • Positive Energy

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” – Ben Franklin. In teachings of the masters, we hear a lot about the power of the word. We know that the messages our words transmit are a tremendous creative force that can bring intention to fruition; we also see that they can carry the power to assist or to […]

  • The Power of a Flock

    Last week in a discussion group I lead, we discussed an interesting bit of tid regarding the movement of colonies, flocks, herds and schools of animals as a single unit. If you have ever seen a number of fish schooling together, or witnessed a gaggle of geese fly by, you’ve watched as the formation moves […]

  • Hippocrates: “Father” of Western Healing

    You’ve probably heard of the Greek physician Hippocrates, the man considered to be the father of Western healing and the first advocate for the rational study of disease. From him we get the “Hippocratic Oath” – a vow taken by all allopathic physicians as a commitment to “first, do no harm” to the patients they […]

  • Meditate on This

    For some, the word meditation conjures up visions of exotic people in flowing robes, eating nuts and berries or chanting strange and eerie tones. In fact, meditation is something you already do on a daily basis. Ever watch television and lose track of the people in the room around you? Drive a car and lose […]

  • Tap Into the Universal Creative Mind

    If you’ve practiced observing your thoughts without reacting to them emotionally, you’ve learned to quell the incessantly nattering, chattering voices in your head. By allowing them to come and go without reacting or following them emotionally, they become less and less dominant. Remember, thoughts require your attention to survive; otherwise, they fade into the background […]

  • Resolute Ideas for a New Year

    We’re well into the new year, an ideal time to take stock of what moves and motivates us. In the spirit of the season of transition, I thought I’d send this along. THINGS TO CONSIDER IN YOUR NEW YEAR 1. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a dieter. 2. […]