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  • Live a Life of Meaning

    I have a question for you and I ask that you consider it closely. Are you a person of substance and fortitude? Think about this for a moment, and momentarily set aside the trappings of ego that endeavor to exert control through the use of words like “strength” or “personal power”. I mean really consider […]

  • Relax

    The body’s natural relaxation response is a powerful antidote to stress. Techniques like deep breathing, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, and yoga activate relaxation in the body and mind. With regular practice, these techniques reduce stress levels and boost feelings of joy and inner connectedness. They also condition you to stay calm and collected in […]

  • Move It!

    We’ve all heard the old saying – use it or lose it. It’s true for both mind and body. In fact, physical exercise is necessary to keep your brain sharp. It may sound odd, but neuroscientists tell us that physical exercise is absolutely critical for preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. There are many types and […]