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  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    We’ve all heard the old saw: Actions speak louder than words. So why is it that positive action is something so many people have trouble taking? As I go about my purpose educating, training and leading my tribe, I find the actions some of them would benefit from have for too long been “missing in […]

  • Spiritual Practice

    A spiritual practice, spiritual discipline or spiritual exercise includes any activity that one associates with the cultivation of spirituality. Spiritual practice can refer to the seeking of an ultimate reality or to a transcendent dimension of the self, an inner journey that leads to the essence of one’s being. Spiritual practices like meditation, contemplation and […]

  • Is Your Liver Conscious?

    Medical science thinks of the human body as a machine. Anatomists and physiologists have mapped out the structures and functions of nearly all of it; we’ve got a great working knowledge of what everything is and how it should operate. Doctors know that to fix a problem they can troubleshoot for data, and repair or […]

  • The Power of a Flock

    Last week in a discussion group I lead, we discussed an interesting bit of tid regarding the movement of colonies, flocks, herds and schools of animals as a single unit. If you have ever seen a number of fish schooling together, or witnessed a gaggle of geese fly by, you’ve watched as the formation moves […]