Clients Speak Volumes

“Your words move mountains sir. I am now on top of the world.” – Dr. Josh Baldwin
“My life has drastically changed for the better in every way.” – Brian Greenberg
“Peter is worth his weight in gold.” – Lance Goldsmith

Words fall short of expressing the profound effect of your guidance. Everything you taught me is practical wisdom that can be applied to every part of life, and in a way that is fun and effortless. Your formula always works and the results are limitless. I found the statements on your website to be completely true; in just a short time my bad habits fell away without me having to fight them, I have effortlessly lost weight without dieting, my relationships improved, I released all anxiety and worry, I was able to stop taking medication for depression, and wealth and abundance are coming my way over and over again. It’s been great fun learning from you!

Michelle Selvig

I have been dealing with physical and mental health issues for twelve years with little or no success. Finally my therapist suggested that I see a Life Coach. I must say it was the best advice I have had in years. Within minutes Peter helped me to see beyond my symptoms to the underlying issues. Under his guidance I have improved all aspects of my life from personal health to my job and relationships. I am now happier and more free than I have been in years. Peter has literally and figuratively saved my life and I cannot thank him enough.

Vivian Pemberton

The time I spent with Peter changed my life forever! Peter has the knowledge and experience to genuinely lead us in a very new and inspiring direction, and under his guidance I radically changed my life in the most empowering way. I recovered from degenerative disease and in the process discovered something few people truly have: A passion, a purpose and a new and powerful life path. My quality of life is so rich compared to what it was before I met Peter. Together we have built an epic success!

Skyler Denton

I originally called on Peter for assistance with my career. He quickly helped me make important business decisions and then my income quadrupled within days! But there was so much more… since I began his coaching program my life has drastically changed for the better in every way. Peter is an amazing person; the great thing about him is that he has real answers. I would tell Peter about a particular challenge and he would say “Brian, I have the antidote for that.” He calls it like it is and leads you to be the best you can be. Contacting Peter has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Brian Greenberg

I suffered from depression and had been to different counselors and therapists for more than 10 years. Peter changed my life! In only a few sessions with Peter I improved more than I had in ten years of therapy. I am so very grateful to have met him and worked with him. In the past, my counselors spent loads of time taking notes and talking to me about the past. It was such a relief to cut through all that and focus on what I needed to know to get over my depression and become unstuck in my life!

Lori Allen

I’d been running into the same stumbling blocks over and over again after my divorce, and also couldn’t seem to figure out what was causing me great anxiety. I’ve had counseling before, and session after session we’d dance around the problem. Peter pinpointed the issue within minutes in our first session, and then he helped me move past it and let it go. I highly recommend Peter’s services to anyone who is stuck and wants to quickly move through it. My life has been altered in a very profound way by the work I have done with Peter, and I am forever grateful!

Cindy Thelen

My life has forever changed and I am now living my dreams. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this incredible knowledge with me. It has turned my life around in a positive way and I believe it was a wake-up call to restore my life. I don’t know how to thank you. For the record, I believe you are one of my guiding angels… thanks for directing me.

Lo Saechao

Peter Winslow is an amazing guide! I was searching for answers and wanting a fix for the areas that were blocking me from true freedom in my life. Through the combination of Peter’s illuminating energy and wisdom, he guided me to the center of my True Self. In every session I felt accepted, supported and encouraged to heal and grow. I am grateful for working with him as I am now FREE! Free to be me, with confidence, joy, and ease.

Christina Kelley

When I first came to see Peter, my diagnosed major depressive condition had plummeted into the abyss. I felt like I couldn’t climb out of it. I had lost all hope and my sense of self was nearly nonexistent. I responded with self-destructive behavior. After five sessions with Peter, I gained a new found confidence and hopefulness that I can only describe as a miracle. I am genuinely happy. I have not felt happy in a long, long time. I am stronger spiritually and I am no longer the broken man that I was when I first met Peter. God bless you Peter Winslow.

Sergio SantosInmate CounselorMaricopa County Dept. of Corrections

Since I began working with Peter I have healed from sleep apnea, released my chronic back pain and migraine headaches, and I have lost 70 lbs! I have now come off of pain and blood pressure medications, and with his help I even won a trip to Hawaii in a weight-loss contest. But the most amazing thing about this transformation is that my new confidence and self image have allowed me to realize my dreams of becoming an actor and performer on the stage… I have connected with a new creative energy and a new career. I have developed new habits, thoughts, and talents, and the world has changed as a result.

Robert Severance

I have known Peter Winslow for several years and he is very dedicated to his profession. His programs are some of the best I have ever heard – his passion can be felt throughout his work. He has given presentations at my hospital, all with very rave reviews. My hopes are that many others will benefit from his dedication and talent.

Leona VallandinghamRN,CN - Director of NursingParadise Valley Hospital

I was diagnosed with severe food allergies, and I was sick a week or more out of every month. I got fed up with feeling sick. I happened to meet Peter Winslow, he assisted me in curing myself. Peter gave me skills to let go of the pain and forgive myself. After I completed the steps, I felt no more pain and I felt a sense of happiness. I am now food allergy free, and I do not get sick or have stomach pains.

Denae Gemmrig

I came to Peter because I wanted to feel comfortable speaking to groups. Now, the quality of my presentations has improved dramatically. Peter helped remove the barriers of fear and insecurity, allowing my inner talent to express itself naturally. Thanks to his work, I am pursuing more speaking engagements, and I now host a radio talk show. I have improved both professionally and personally. Thank you, Peter, for the difference you’ve made in my life.

John Adam KowalskiPresidentPivot Productions

I was referred to Peter by my doctor because I had a history of dependence on sleeping pills. Almost immediately after using his techniques I was able to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly, undisturbed through the night. I haven’t needed sleeping pills since. Sleeping has become a pleasure I look forward to each night, and Peter’s methods have brought peace and order into my life.

Gary Beal Jr.

I have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, so I didn’t expect very much from coaching. But Peter’s guided imagery programs are totally amazing! After only one session, I was in a zone of calm and clarity for the rest of the day. It completely centered my mind and body, and I found it much easier to focus. Now I am telling everyone I know to check out Peter Winslow!

Steven Cribbett

I came to Peter for help with childbirth. My first birth experience was incredibly frightening, and the healing process afterward was lengthy and very painful. With my second pregnancy, I was terrified. But with Peter’s program I was able to have an incredibly peaceful birth. I listened to his meditation during labor and felt totally in control. I felt minimal pain with the contractions and the recovery time was easy – and painless as well!

Angela Tahiliani

I thoroughly enjoyed the Grounding Meditation Peter developed. It is so beneficial and relaxing! Sometimes I find it difficult to get there on my own. Peter is definitely talented!