The Law of Emergence Part Two

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In the last entry we began a discussion on the Law of Emergence. I wrote that:

“…Some say that if you haven’t yet gotten what you want in life, you need to learn skills and methods for self-improvement. Not so, according to the Law of Emergence.

This law maintains that feeling the need to improve anything actually delays true fulfillment. Self-improvement is revealed as an oxymoron, an illusion, a clever misconception because the Self, when truly understood, is whole and complete.

Your circumstances, abilities and skills may improve, but who you are is already perfect. Just as an acorn harbors the living essence of an oak tree within it, the Self has everything it needs to fulfill your inner purpose…”

Tragically, many of us were taught to believe otherwise. We may see ourselves as quite imperfect, virtual victims of circumstance, and to some extent we allow conditions ‘out there’ to determine what we do and think.

To gain the advantage, take a different tack: Imagine yourself as a seed. Within you is an immaculate blueprint of great purpose and potential; your mission is to cultivate the conditions which allow it to emerge organically.

When you align with your inner purpose, no matter what limitations appear in the world ‘out there’ the destiny for which you were born emerges as naturally as the oak arises from the acorn.

Let go the need to improve anything, and modify the self-talk of disempowerment: “Please let this work out so I can be happy” – “If I can just get enough money, I’ll be okay” – “If only I can meet my soul mate, then life will be good.”

In a very real sense, this mindset is just another version of victim mentality. The defective syllogisms say that when things are well and good out there, I’ll be happy in here.

To fulfill your desires more completely (and more quickly) change your self-talk to this:

“More than try to get something from people, I intend to awaken to my true identity, live my divinity and realize my full potential.”

This shifts your focus from conditions ‘out there’ and onto your inner purpose. It activates the innate wisdom which cultivates the insights and opportunities needed for the growth and fulfillment you’re really after.

This is what Eckhart Tolle means when he writes: “…Your primary purpose is to enable consciousness to flow into what you do. The secondary purpose is whatever you want to achieve through the doing.”

Joy and inspiration soon bubble up in ways that have nothing to do with the conditions in your world. Even when things seem not so good out there, you feel good anyway. This is the changeless, infinite nature of your being at the forefront of awareness.

And… that changes things.

As the sands of time are eroded by the river of constant change, you grow into the embodiment of authentic abundance, ceaseless joy, and true love in glory undimmed across the ages.

Love in resplendence,



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