The Son Also Rises


This Friday, the full moon will rise at eventide. It’s the prime harbinger of Easter, known as Eostre for many centuries before Christianity made the scene.

Ever has this moon portended a return to splendor and abundance after the long, cold dark of winter. Since ancient times, believers have anticipated that with this moon comes new life, new hope, and an allegory of redemption through the resurrection of the Son of man.

For untold millenia humankind has celebrated a “rebirth from the dead” on the first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring.  “Sun” day is the day of the “Son” rise, yet the moon alone heralds this sacred event, and has so since the western calendar was itself birthed from the twenty-nine and one-half days of the Lunar cycle.

La Luna – mover of tides and healing waters, yin of four element theory – now rises precisely at one of the four “perfect” directions (due east, re “Easter”) at advent of the first of four seasons on Gaia, the mother Earth.

Biologists tell us that as life originally came from the sea, the fact that we survive on land at all is because we harbor an ocean within us. True, the preponderance of human tissue is salt and water, and as such it is believed we are somehow subject to the gravitational pull of the moon.

Psychologists tell us (and statistics corroborate the fact) that we are indeed emotionally susceptible to the Lunar cycle. Tales of La Luna’s seductive influence over the dark and light of human expression are eminent and legendary. Have you ever noticed how your behavior modifies under the full of the moon?

For me, sleep during a full moon is quite active… dreams run vibrant and mischievous… and I often wake in the wee hours before dawn to find the full moon beaming through my window, casting a spectral glow upon my image.

Of dream, Eckhart writes that “… when we wake in the morning, the night’s dream dissolves, and we say ‘Oh, it was only a dream. It wasn’t real.’ But something in the dream must have been real otherwise it could not be. When death approaches, we may look back on life and wonder if it was just another dream.”

When better to discuss and reflect upon it than on the day the Son also rises?

If you want to make meaningful connection with a like-minded multitude, join us for the Eckhart Tolle Discussion Group this Easter Sunday at NVC where the topic will be The Dreamer and the Dream.

At last year’s Easter Day event every seat in the house was filled. We enjoyed an inspiring and gracious encounter, and we’ll do so again. Hope you’ll join us.

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About the Author:
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