You Are The State

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You’ve heard of the remarkable Power of Now… but you’ve never heard it like this before.

It’s one thing to believe that in theory, we can become fully “present” with life. Yet it’s a whole different thing to know how to do so.

In this missive I’ll give you a powerful and practical way to create better health, more wealth and authentic happiness right here and now regardless of conditions in your world.

First things first. Based on what you’ve just read, do you anticipate something good is about to happen?

Take a deep breath… and realize that anticipation of a good thing happening “in the future” only removes you from the one place where that good can actually emerge: The present moment.

All your good is right here, right now. It will never come in the future. To really feel it, drink it in and live it, you must participate in it now.

All you could ever want—all the love, wealth, joy, fulfillment, creativity and inspiration—is already in you, and reflected all around you. You are literally floating in an ocean of well-being and abundance, and any effort to “make it happen” unnecessarily delays the experience.

Forget anticipating, and begin participating.

Why doesn’t everyone do so? The answer is simple. People follow the “voice in the head” which wants beyond all else to protect itself from danger. In inscrutable subconscious code it says “Do not change anything, lest there be danger.”

And we take the voice in our heads—the ego—very seriously. We believe and agree with it, and almost never question it. We’re programmed to believe our thoughts regardless what they say, where they came from or whether they help us or hurt us.

Not only do we believe these thoughts, we believe them to be “ours.” We identify with them and feel they reflect who we really are.

The outrageous fact is that even after we know the truth about it, we can still be bamboozled, hypnotized and wholly hung out to dry by an incorrigible and fragile ego.

This, my friends, is the cause of all suffering. This is what keeps us from participating in all that we can do, have and be in the world.

Self-mastery begins by witnessing the “false self” who is actively living your life. Observe the voice in your head and it’s thoughts about you. Now practice moving into in a state of being which is unattached from those thoughts and images. That state of being can be called the True Self.

Masters instruct that mastery requires understanding the ego—what it is, what it does, and what it means to transform it from terrible tyrant to faithful follower of the True Self. Do this, they tell, and the world becomes your oyster.

This is “the Secret” of being health, wealth and wellness. Love isn’t something you do, it’s what you are. Wealth isn’t something you get, it’s what you are. There’s no thought needed; the state is what you are.

Your level of consciousness determines the quality of your life. Rather than seek for what you want, make the space for what you want to emerge from within you and by law, it must oblige. Now choose your experience and create your world as you would have it.

To your awakened bliss –





About the Author:
Peter Winlsow is a life coach based in Scottsdale Arizona, serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Peoria and all surrounding metro-Phoenix cities. Read more about him at