Is It True That What I Think Makes Me Who I Am?

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Do my thoughts make me who I am?

There are people who believe our thoughts originate within us, and that the sum of our thoughts is what makes us who we are.

On one level, it makes sense. But if it were really true, we’d be a whole lot of things we are not, including outright wingnut plumb crazy.

We’ve all had thoughts about ourselves that are not even remotely true. Consider how many times you’ve made a mistake, and then told yourself you’re an idiot. Is it true? Are you really an idiot?

At times there are so many thoughts racing through the mind that it sounds like a waiting room full of people all screaming at each other. These voices frequently contradict each other as they argue amongst themselves.

The question is – which of them speaks for the real you?

The answer is… well, none of them.

The real you is the the one who hears the voices in your head. Grasp that nugget and you’ve reached an epiphany that can change your life.

Ever heard the expression – Don’t argue with yourself? Think about that. How could anyone truly argue… with themselves? The suggestion infers that there is more than one of you. How many of YOU are there?

Of course there’s only one you, but you have many voices chattering in your head at any given moment. This doesn’t mean you’re schizophrenic or loopy; it’s the natural state humanity, regardless of heritage, background or origin.

Forget about trying to beat your inner voices into submission, because that won’t work. The solution entails which of the voices you choose to believe.

It works like this: just as if you were in a crowded waiting room hearing lots of people shouting at you, you have the ability to decide which of them you are going to pay attention to.

Now choose to believe ONLY those voices which empower you. Let all others fade out without judging or analyzing them, or feeling anything about them at all. Simply observe the thoughts in your head without responding to them in any way, and let them float on by.

Some people wonder if this is just a form of denial. They often feel that some of the scary thoughts they have are necessary to keep them in line and on the right track.

Hogwash! Being terrorized into doing what’s best for you is not mandatory. Trust the voices that support you, and give them the attention they deserve. They’ll soon replace the voices that bully you with guilt and fear.

This works because the thoughts you choose to accept and act upon, no matter which they are, return to you over and over again. They become louder and louder as you feed them with your precious attention, and this process literally creates the quality of your life.

There is no law that says you have to believe your thoughts. In fact, the ability to question your thoughts is a measure of your personal wisdom.

The quality of your life depends on which thoughts you give attention to, and which you choose to believe.

Believe it.


About the Author:
Peter Winlsow is a life coach based in Scottsdale Arizona, serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Peoria and all surrounding metro-Phoenix cities. Read more about him at