Why Would Anyone Hire a Life Coach?

Hi, I’m Peter Winslow and I’ve been a life coach for many years. In that time I have come to find that there are a lot of people who have no idea what a life coach does, let alone why anyone would work with one. If you have questions about it, I can help.

Why would anybody choose a life coach? They may have personal problems or poor habits they cannot fix by themselves. These things will show up in toxic or troubled relationships, poor or failing health, and uncertainty and insecurity about career and income. These are common issues for which a life coach may be the best solution.

The relationship between you and your coach is not like therapy. Therapists often begin by learning what went wrong, analyzing why it happened, studying who did what to whom, and so on.

Coaching really has no need to dig up the past. We simply move from this point forward by focusing on the solutions.

The therapeutic skills of psychologists or psychiatrists who are specially trained to treat neurosis and psychosis are not necessary for everyone. In our busy world, there are a number of people who just need to slow down, “hear themselves think” and get the guidance they need to identify and achieve their life goals.

The best coaches can get a good sense of the client’s needs in one or two sessions. They then identify the desired outcomes and keep the client on track until success is assured.

Most coaches are specialists in financial, social, educational, emotional, and health-related issues. Many train their clients in skills like self-empowerment and self-esteem, stress reduction, fundamental well-being and even spiritual healing.

Coaches and mentors:

  1. Are supportive and non-judgmental of your beliefs and lifestyle.
  2. Help you set realistic and appropriate goals.
  3. Keep you on track for real results.
  4. Develop specific strategies for your own needs.
  5. Listen, ask questions and give positive feedback.
  6. Supply the tools you need for success.
  7. Make a commitment to your personal growth.
  8. Help you develop your own inborn talents and abilities.
  9. Have experience and qualifications in the areas in which they coach.

I hope this answers the basic questions you had about life coaching. If you have others, go ahead and contact me for answers. And as always – choose to believe your best is yet to come!


About the Author:
Peter Winlsow is a life coach based in Scottsdale Arizona, serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Peoria and all surrounding metro-Phoenix cities. Read more about him at www.peterwinslow.com.